Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum
961 West Alondra Blvd.
Compton, CA 90220

310 908 4332
obishawn [at] gmail [dot] com
What to Bring
  • wear work clothes and comfortable shoes
  • Snacks, not mandatory
Preliminary Restoration Agenda
  • Take a look: Ambulance examined, Ambulance now, -&- Screen Captures
  • Amberwolfy's AARG ideas
  • Unload
    • Loosen/remove straps
    • Save buoys/boat-fenders [all lost in transit--get replacement bumpers]
    • Lift tail off of cradle--5-person job!
    • Remove cradle brace to get to door, ratchet out the bolt
  • Trailer
    • Get a spare tire
    • Paint tail cradles DONE!
    • Install the last tail-cradle steel cross-brace
    • Sew sleeves or upholster tail-cradle pads
    • Examine lights wiring for short-circuit
    • Replace jack--something like this one
  • Reattach wings
    • Unload wings (inside ambulance)
    • Drill X's marked on wood
    • Screw in 5/16" studs (half wood screw, half bolt)
      • Find bag of 12 studs, washers, nuts
      • Slip a nut onto bolt half
      • Ratchet screw half into wood
    • Lift wing
    • Slide bolt-halves through holes in ambulance
    • Add washers and nuts inside
  • Tail fins -- finish replication
  • Reinforce and Reattach tail.
    • In such a way that it is removable for transportation.
    • engine stand bolted inside the ambulance, pipe to support tail?
    • reinforce bulkheads--bolt tail bulkhead to body bulkhead?
    • mono- or bi-pod under the tail to support extra weight?
    • 3/4" plywood arched-strips for backing -- DONE!
      • Cut and fit cardboard first
      • Trace cardboard onto plywood
      • Cut plywood with jigsaw
    • Fiberglass repair around backing -- DONE!
    • Redrill holes
    • Lift tail [many people, supports, or forklift]
    • Bolt tail to body [use large washers on both sides]
  • Seal
    • caulk seams to prevent leaks
    • Rhino bedliner sealer on the inside of the ambulance (stop the fiberglass from flaking off)
  • Repaint
    • headlights -- DONE!
    • body and tail -- DONE!
    • caduceuses -- DONE!
    • touchup overpaint around caduceus
  • Lights: 2 headlights, 2 7" rotating red siren lights, blinking red/green port/starboard lights
    • Power source: 12V car battery
    • diameter of each light?
  • Pilot's chair
    • racing chair -- BOUGHT!
    • reupholster red
    • telescoping, swivel base
  • Cockpit windows -- DONE! [cracked in transit, try again]
  • Front grills -- install
  • Door
    • remote/button-operated hydraulic/pneumatic opener -- [deemed structurally unsafe]
    • glue-inject and press to re-shape fraying edges
    • single layer of fiberglass
    • replace door -- DONE!
  • Tail access hatch cover--re-create and replace -- DONE!
  • Replicate (or locate) engines
    • two cylinders (95-gallon haz-mat drum) high on the sides
    • two little rotating cylinders on the tail
    • two little rotating cylinders on the sides of the nose
  • Replicate landing gear with removable coffin/body-pod platforms
Our Wish-List
  • Cockpit flight controls and instrument panels
  • TV-DVD/laptop for showing episode, Done the Impossible, our own story
  • back-lit milk glass (frosted glass, fiberglass) pane for BDH's to sign
    • in cockpit behind push-button-to-swing-out "monitor"
  • laptop, photo printer, laminator, punches, clips for making ID badges on the spot
  • blue/green screen, digital video camera, laptop for making "flying"-in-the-ambulance vids
  • coffins/body-pods
  • medical charts, pilot/medical license: name, date, DOB, location
    • picture in casket => DOA (Dead On Arrival)
    • picture in cockpit => pilot license
    • picture in vest => medical license
  • St. Lucy's paramedic vest replicas
  • stickers
  • decals -- Got 'em!
  • bracelets

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