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The Prop Store of London
The Prop Store of London donated
these items (used in Serenity!) to travel with the ambulance
and/or get auctioned off to raise needed funds!


Alliance Lab Assistant Costume

The costume consists of a white t-shirt (size XL), a pair of grey soft leather trousers, a matching jacket made from the same material which has a medical logo imprinted on the chest, a pair of grey socks and a pair of plastic clogs that have been painted silver in colour (size large). Alliance laboratory technicians can be seen in these uniforms at the beginning of the film when Simon rescues River.
full    front    back
shoes    t-shirt

Alliance First Aid Box

This grey plastic box has a black carry strap and a sticker on top with an Alliance medical logo printed on it. There are a few first aid items inside such as bandages. It measures 25cm x 16cm x 7cm (10" x 6.5" x 3").
close-up    with strap

Bank Heist Money Display

This specially made prop money was used in the heist scene at the beginning of the movie and in the Maidenhead bar sequence too. Made from paper with "Five Hundred" printed on it and with wonderful colourful oriental dragon and planet designs on it. It comes framed and glazed with the movie logo laser cut out of velvet finish mount board. The display measures 38cm x 34cm (15" x 13.5").

On The Drift CD

On Ariel Ambulance Day, Saturday May 6, all profits from Bedlam Bards' online sales ($205) were donated to the Ariel Ambulance Museum Fund to help promote knowledge and encourage celebration of Firefly and Serenity. The Bedlam Bards have given the AARG a generous discount on their On the Drift CDs, so we can make more money for the Museum Fund through resale.

On the Drift:
Furious Fancies:
Take Out the Trash:
Bedlam Bards tee-shirts (including an On the Drift tee-shirt):

Done the Impossible DVD

On Ariel Ambulance weekend, Saturday May 6 and Sunday May 7, all profits from Done the Impossible DVD online presales ($322) were donated to the Ariel Ambulance Museum Fund to help promote knowledge and encourage celebration of Firefly and Serenity.

"Hell, I'd do this job for free!"

Browncoat Cruise Kick-Off Party, San Diego, CA

Scott Green, driver

Creation's Salute to Firefly and Serenity, Burbank, CA

R.G.S. aka rageim2000, driver
Sara Swieca/Rogue/QuikSilverAlchemist
Patricia Robertson

Silicon, San Jose, CA

Janet White and Marcus Braman, drivers

DarkCon, Phoenix

Amberwolfy: AARG ideas
Annette Sexton-Ruiz, hostess
Bob Beckwith, door-maker
Mike Cassidy
Margie Grady
Mike Griffen
John Kittlesrud
Kevin McAlonan
Damien Metz, driver
David Ramirez
Dave Rood
Shirley Runyon, logo stencil cutter
Larry Vela, painter


Cameron, Ariel Ambulance Engineer
Buzz Anderson
Chris, driver

Meanwhile, in LA...

Bill Ung, chair delivery


Akin the Finder
Jerry Gilio
Liz Gilio
Paul Harker, driver
Damien Metz, driver
Laurel Parshall
Erik Prill
Dave Tackett
Anita Taylor
Adam Whiting

Ariel Ambulance Day

Akin the Finder
Doug Anderson
Scott Bays
Michael Bortoli, cameraman
Jesse "The Gimp" Dodd
Scott Flowers
Dean Ming, driver
Ace Underhill (Firefly Season 2)

MFAM gang

Dean Craun, vice-chairman & PR
Dave Patterson
Liz Siemens
Lyle Strader


Got the job done! ($100+)

Akin the Finder
Charlotte Browncoats
Melissa Garber
Heather Garner aka mikamom
gecko68 (fanfic--coming soon!)
R.G.S. aka rageim2000
Sophia Caramagno and Joe Johnson - Firefly wedding
Myway Highway, Inc.
Janet White and Marcus Braman
Adam Whiting
Brian Wiser
Yates & Idoyaga, LLC

Shuai! ($50-99)

Robert Cheng aka Shiny
Steve Cole aka croaker260
Lauren Donaho aka Texas ArtCat
Marc Dunning
George Fasoulis
Jessica Gibson
Gerry James/Crewchief1
Matthew Kemner
Phillip G. Kendall
Raymond McDermott
Brian Rubin
Olliver Schinagl

Shiny! ($20-49)

Kirk and Tammy Ayers
Dave Bailey
Robin Chambers
Cider--Whedon's World and Browncoat Events
Michael L. Citrar
Kristina Curren
Amy Dienhart
Daniel Dimitroff
William Dobracki
Barney and Kate Evans
Gillian Fischer
James P Goltz
Shelley Hachman
Kevin Hansen
Scott Irvin
Emily Jackman
Jeanine Jones
Beth Krippel
McMann Family in Hillsboro, OR
Laurel Parshall
Ronelle Riley
Rosie aka thewatch
Christina Rubalcava
Jennifer Sullivan
Mark Thompson
Mark Todd
Susan Tonjes
Erin Utz

Thanks! ($1-19) shoppers Suze Campagna
Brian Dollins
Denise Doughten
Scott Flowers
Michael Fatum
Joseph M. Gusmano Law Office
Sharyn Horowitz
Khia 213
Ian Odette
Anne Philp
Preston Postle
Eric James Stone
Elizabeth Wallace


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